Fitness Components Of a Marathon Runner

To live a healthy life, a person should embrace three vital aspects; exercise daily, eat clean and love someone. It is the circumstances with marathon runners, as they need to run several miles so perceptibly they will need a lot of extra calories, and energy to cope up with their activity.

While, noticing and compiling all the useful portions of ones hard work, it is made clear that there are five main components for a marathon runner which takes a part in boosting up the runner’s performance as construction on each of these components will help to become a better runner. All these are linked like a chain, one after another.

Use these gears of fitness training to achieve your goals. These comprise of; muscular strength, stamina, body medication, flexibility and body compositions.

Five essential factors for a runner:

Firstly, muscular strength, which is the ability of your muscles to produce force, is an imperative aspect. Muscular strength is basically built with resistance training. This can be taken as being directly proportional to each other.

Muscular strength is incredibly valuable during our different actions in day-to-day life, from getting out of bed to lifting heavy machines in a gym, all activities and actions depend on our muscle strength, which helps in moving and lifting things.

Secondly, muscular endurance that refers to the body’s ability to continue its tasks with the help of muscular strength and contractions and keep on doing repeatedly. Like strength, muscular endurance is also built with resistance training .Muscular endurance is essential in exercise and when doing heavy tasks as it allows the muscles to perform for long periods without becoming tired.

Similarly, aerobic energy referring to the ability of your body to convert oxygen and food through the metabolic process into energy is another factor. Carbohydrates and fat govern the whole process. This can also be measured by the amount of oxygen that is taken up and the amount of breath exhaled out. Apart from the conversion of oxygen to energy, Aerobic fitness has a number of other benefits as well.

These include; Increased energy levels, lowering of cholesterol and improving detoxification. For improving our aerobic fitness rate, high intensity interval training, doing short runs and running workouts at a faster pace should be carried out. However, when the level of oxygen is low, or falls down anaerobic energy is supplied. This happens in the supply of lactic acid from our muscles to produce energy. At this point, a person should slow down and wait until the help of lactic acid restores the aerobic energy generation.

Importantly, body composition is another imperative facet. This is the percentages of fat, bone and muscle in human bodies. It depends upon different categories. These are classified under gender, age and BMI. Starting from the gender, females use less energy than males. Besides, it is determined by age as grownups’ need the highest level of energy according to their activities. Additionally, BMI (Body Mass Index) is the measure for human body shape based on persons’ mass and height.

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